Maintenance and Standards

Phoenix Management - new maintenance and standards company
Phone # 954-640-7071 (ask for Latoya or Heather)  Email: [email protected]

Painting your house, new windows, replacing fence, taking out trees, repaving driveway, any alteration to the look of your house or front yard- call Phoenix, our maintenance and standards, company at 954-640-7071 and ask for Latoya or Heather. 
Any and all changes need to be approved through the HOA by contacting Phoenix before starting. We are also asking that if you are repainting your home the same color, please submit an MSC form. Thank you.

Acceptable paint color options are uploaded to the Photo Gallery page.  These colors are recommended but you can choose a color similar of your choice. It does not have to be the exact color in the photo but the approval form MUST be submitted to the [email protected] before buying your paint. You will need to specify the house, the trim, and the door color if you are painting any of those and you will need to await approval before starting.

Gates of Hillsboro HOTLINE- 954-968-0359  

MSC request form is located under Documents/Forms.

We encourage you to respond to the initial violation letters to avoid expenses.  See the process below.