Messages/Alerts to Residents

HOA meetings - Oct. 12, 2022. Tech Center @ 50 Hillsboro Technology Dr, Deerfield - 7:00 PM.  All meetings are in person now.   

9/15/2022  Lawn care: 
We know many residents are trying to keep up their lawns but this time of the year is quite difficult. So, due to the extreme heat right now, the board is asking MSC to suspend letters in reference to "brown spots" in the lawn until the board has time to review the covenants with more specific details. Although, this does not refer to lawns that are primarily dead. If large portions of the lawn is dead, then it will be addressed. We do hear you and we are trying to work with you but we do need you to meet us half way. We want our neighborhood to maintain its beauty. 

Phoenix Property Management is our new Maintenance and Standards company.
    Phone: 954-640-7071
    Email: [email protected]

Human Services will come and pick up stray kittens as long as they are in a safe box or have a heart cage
Call:  954-359-1313 or 954-831-4000

Residents, We want our neighborhood to remain safe! So if you see something, please say something!  Call the police or take a picture and contact the police.