Common Questions:

1. How can I get help or information about the Association?
      Call the Gates Hotline @ 954-968-0359
      Go to our website Gatesofhillsboro.com
      Attend our monthly board meetings
      Review our covenants on the website

2. Can I change the color of my house?
      Yes! You are welcome to repaint but in its current color or change it under Article 6-
Section 3. You must submit colors for approval to the Maintenance and Standards Committee. MSC request forms are available online.

3. May I add to or change the structure of my home or replace my fence?
      All changes to building, landscaping, painting or structure must be approved by the
Maintenance and Standards Committee before changes per Article 6-Section 3. Once approved by MSC, all permits and City Approvals must be submitted to MSC for our records.

4. May I Rent or lease my home?
      The Gates of Hillsboro is a Single-Family Home Community. All new homeowners must
reside in the property at least 2 years before renting is permitted. The Single-Family Housing and
Rental Amendment is posted on both web sites and outlines rental parameters. Should the property be rented, Renters must abide by our Covenants and Restrictions. Ultimately, the Homeowner is Responsible.

5. May I park or store my boat, commercial vehicle, RV or Trailer on my property?
      No. Commercial Vehicles may not be placed parked or stored where they can be viewed
from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro. Article 8-Section 7 defines the term Commercial vehicle is a vehicle which is ordinarily intended for obvious commercial purposes or that has any type of commercial markings or lettering. That includes “Dump Trucks”, Panel Vans, Sprint Vans, cars, pickup trucks, and other vehicles with commercial signage.

6. May I operate a business from my home?
      No home may be used for to conduct manufacturing, trade business, Commerce, industry,
professional or other occupation which requires the license or certification of any governmental
agency per Article 8-Section 6. It should be noted it is also a violation of The City of Deerfield Code.

7. What is the rule on Hurricane shutter installation and Removal.
      Hurricane Shutters should go up as soon as a “Hurricane Warnings” are issued. Shutters
must be removed within 10 days of the removal of “Warnings” and storm has passed.

8. What is the rule regarding the storage, placement of waste containers, recycle bins and
bulk trash. When are they picked up?
      All trash containers MUST be stored behind a fence, in the garage or otherwise stored
where it cannot be seen from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro. Garbage Trash bins and Bulk
Trash are picked up on Monday. Garbage Trash Bins and Recycles are picked up on Thursday.

9. May I put up a sign on my property?
      For Sale or For Rent signs may be displayed in the front window or over the garage. No
other display or advertising is permitted on any lot or common areas according to Article 8-Section 4. Alarm signs may be placed within 10 feet of the front door. Campaign Signs are permitted 10 days before National and Local Elections. They must be removed at least 5 days after.

10. May I park my car or put my trash for pick up over the drainage area?
      NO! The drainage grates and the paved areas around it are there to prevent flooding from heavy rains. They also drain into the lake. Cars may not be parked over the drainage area. Further, trash, debris, lawn clippings may not be placed in or around the paved drainage area.

11. May I park my vehicle on the streets or swales of The Gates?
      Parking of vehicles is allowed only on the paved driveway of a lot and cannot protrude on to the street. Parking of vehicles is prohibited over or on all of a portion of the sidewalk, B) over or on all or a portion of the front lawn, C) in or on all portions of the swales, or D) on the streets of the community. Restrictions A,B and D can be suspended for a period not to exceed 8 hours due to special events taking place on the lot. Special events may include parties, family gatherings construction, etc.

12. Are there any rules on the maintenance and/or removal of trees?
      Before any tree that can be seen from the streets with a diameter greater than four (4) inches (measured two (2) feet up from the ground) can be removed by first submitting an MSC Request Form to the Maintenance & Standards Committee and receive written approval on the application. The application shall reflect the location of the tree, the diameter, of the tree and the reason for requested removal. Any tree to be planted in view from the street of the Gates, must comply with all City of Deerfield Beach codes and ordinances. Permits from the City Forester, may be needed.

13. When a Maintenance and Standards Request is submitted, when can I expect a response?
      Our covenants allow 15 days from the date of receipt of the of the request for MSC to
provide you with a written response. We will make every effort to respond within 24-48 hours if
      Note: Building Permits may or may not be required by the City of Deerfield Beach with approval from MSC.